Welcome to the cadet homepage- here you can ask question specific to your career and training with access to an experienced cadet training officer.

All companies are not made the same!

Bigger does not always mean better!!

    Read your contract carefully, look for any unusual clauses especially  financial penalties for  leaving  before a time period has been completed.

Make sure you take into account bonuses, pension schemes when calculating the best payers

Be sensible with the gear you take. You   may   have to carry it a long way. Don't  aim to have     a new outfit for everyday you are away.   Dress smartly but not like your expecting royalty!

You will be given task which seem menial. Don't forget,    we

have all done them. A great bit of advice is that you  should

           never give a job to a person that you are not

  prepared to do yourself. The easiest way to do this

         is  to already     have done it.

But don't let anybody make you do        something  which is  dangerous,                        illegal or immoral - if they                                   say   they have the                                     company  backing                                          they  are lying

It is quite normal for you to make mistakes when you are in training, this despite the reactions. The important thing is to reduce their occurrence  and not to repeat them

Before you try it, we have seen it all before.

Do your correspondence work to the best of your ability. It will   come in very useful later in life especially when             studying for your senior certificates. A large        proportion of this site is based on the correspondence     course from my cadetship.

Be very careful when going ashore, there are people who have made a living    out of people like yourself.                             There are also some places in the                               world were life is very cheap,                                what price would you put on                                                              yours

You will meet a wide variety of people at sea, some of whom you may find difficult to work with. This is unfortunate but unavoidable.

It is normal to be asked lots of questions you             will not know the answer to.

   This is not done to belittle but to encourage you to ask questions and form an inquisitive mind.

   This will be invaluable to you once you    graduate and you start having to problem solve.

Be a good listener

Sounds easy-well it is if you understand what it means.

        Everybody has something usefull to tell you, so don't dismiss them because of their position. Encourage uncommunicative people by friendly questions and genuine interest. Don't interrupt but keep talk two way, even with the occasional nod.

         And what ever you do, don't let your eyes wander when somebody is talking to you, because it is  really annoying.

And finally